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A tour of the site

Darwinsquare is the Laureate web platform dedicated to the professional advancement of NABA and Domus Academy Students, Alumni and Faculty. Through this virtual “square” they will be able to communicate with each other and establish relations with some of their main stakeholders (institutions, companies, etc.).


Depending on your profile (student, alumni, teacher, company), you could use the some of the following specific functions.
Publish your CV, in order to increase possibilities of matching between demand and supply of internship and placement.
Publish your portfolio in a format that maximizes the legibility and the visibility to other users.
Participate individually or in team in competitions launched by companies.
Launch projects in order to involve students and other users within the campus or internationally.
Search for job offers: you can find the right company or you may be found by a company

Access to the platform

It all starts with the registration, click on JOIN NOW!
The staff shall approve your profile, according to the School guidelines. Darwinsquare is a private community and all information will remain inside it.
When you receive the notification of your registration, you may begin to surf the platform, entering your additional information, such as your website, twitter profile, and other social links.
Post your CV, portfolio or competition and stage/placement offer. The staff will check and publish them, making them visible and searchable by all other users.

User specific guidelines